Facts on Eating Disorder to Reduce Sugar Cravings

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What are the facts on eating disorder to reduce sugar cravings and lose weight? The best way would be to quit sugar altogether. Cutting sugar from your diet (excluding fruit) significantly reduces all sugar cravings. Going this route is extreme and extremely difficult. Because cutting out sugar completely is extreme, there is a good chance of failure and returning back to sugar.
A more realistic approach may be more successful.


The good thing about learning to reduce sugar cravings is that your overall health and body fat percentage will improve.


Being aware of sugar content in food gives you an advantage to choose better options. Sugar comes in many forms. It is a simple carbohydrate. Check food labels for sugar content. The lower the content, the better. Educating yourself on the amounts of sugar in food, will give you leverage to choose the amount you will consume.


The different types of sugar compounds are:


*Glucose: sugar found in the blood.
*Fructose: sugar from fruit (high fructose corn syrup)
*Galactose: extracted from sugar beets
*Sucrose: table sugar
*Lactose: sugar from milk


Combat sweet desires with another type of food additive, Vinegar. Foods that are treated with vinegar sedate the yearning for something sweet. Green olives, pickles, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, and so on are examples of foods that will reduce sugar cravings.


It is hard to resist your sweet tooth when you are hungry. Suppress your appetite by eating foods rich in protein to help you feel satisfied. Eating grapefruit has been known to suppress the appetite.


Quit drinking beverages loaded with sugar. Choose 100% fruit or vegetable juices to drink instead. Fresh smoothies and juices will satisfy your sweet tooth and your tummy.


Reduce your intake of sugar by eating small amounts of treats. You can still have your favorite dessert, just have a few bites instead of a plateful.


Eat fresh, dried, or blended fruit. Fruit does have fructose, but it contains smaller amounts as compared to high fructose corn syrup. Eating fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth is an excellent practice.


What about sugar substitutes? Artificial sweeteners are just as damaging to your cravings as sugar. They are sweet and still tell your brain that you want “more of the good stuff”. There is one sweetener substitute that is not artificial and it keeps your blood sugar regulated. It is perfectly safe for diabetics. The sweetener is an extract from the stevia plant.



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